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1.- Cookies

What are cookies? Cookies are small computer files located on your computer´s hard drive that allow servers to remember certain information that it may need on subsequent occasions. Cookies allow to a website to store and retrieve information about a user or your computer browsing habits and, depending on the way you use your computer, and the information they contain can be used to recognize to the user.

Cookies allow us to improve the services offered on our Website. Some are strictly necessary to make the website works well others are used to improve the performance and user experience.

However, the cookies used on our website do not store any personal information, or any information that can identify you.


2.- Types of cookies

Types of cookies based on the entity that manages them:

Types of cookies by the length of time during which they remain active:

Types of cookies by purpose:

Further information in your browser´s Help menu.

3.- Delete cookies

You can allow, lock or remove the cookies installed on your computer by configuring the settings of the browser installed on your computer; in the event that you do not allow the installation of cookies in your browser, it is possible that you not be able to access any of the sections of our Website.

4.- Consent

Surfing in our Website, and if you access again to the Website with the same settings, we consider you consent the use of the cookies of our Website according to this Cookies Policy.”

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