For the third year, WIRED’s editors have visited the continent’s startup hubs to identify the ten tech cities you need to know about. Our conclusion: Europe is on a roll. Here are the 100 companies causing the greatest buzz, according to the local commentators, investors and entrepreneurs we surveyed.


The financial climate in Catalonia has somewhat put the brakes on its talent-rich startup sector. “The root of the reason is a shortage of angels,” says Hermés Piqué of startup community Barcelona.IO. Although there are some angels active in the city, entrepreneurs are looking to the state, banks, corporations and the small number of local VCs to provide funding – but such sources are reluctant to invest in anything other than a sure thing.

The city’s work/play lifestyle continues to draw in global talent — attested to by the many startup events held in Barcelona. “Barcelona attracts a lot of international talent thanks to the lifestyle,” says Christopher Pommerening, of Active Venture Partners. “True disruption and high growth in Barcelona are not as common as we would like,” says Piqué. Here are ten startups that have achieved those goals.